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Isaac Bamer & Doris Lattin Honored with 2011 Ian B. Davidson Cultural Excellence Award
February 7, 2012

Isaac Bamer and Doris Lattin are the 2011 recipients of Davidson Companies’ Ian B. Davidson Cultural Excellence Award. The award presentation was recently held at Davidson Companies’ annual shareholders’ meeting.

The Ian B. Davidson Award is one of the company’s top awards and was created to recognize individuals committed to maintaining and exemplifying Davidson Companies’ core values. The award is given annually to two individuals identified by their peers and is named for Ian B. Davidson, Chairman of Davidson Companies and D.A. Davidson & Co.

Isaac Bamer, Senior Vice President, Sales Trading, joined the firm’s Lake Oswego office in February 2000. As an accomplished professional on D.A. Davidson’s trading desk in Lake Oswego, he’s in a position that places him in the middle of a pressure cooker of activity and requires a cool head and strong organizational skills. He takes the pressure in stride, serving as right-hand man to the head of the trading desk while serving his own clients. Isaac has been a great resource to others at Davidson. He’s been called upon frequently to participate in committees that help drive change for the Equity Capital Markets Group, from implementation of new systems to finding day-to-day efficiencies in the business. He holds himself to high performance standards and takes the time to help his colleagues do the same. Isaac’s sense of community responsibility is strong and visible in his many volunteer activities.

Doris Lattin joined the firm in 2007, and works from the Bellevue office as Special Projects Associate. Flexibility and a willingness to travel are required, with Lattin often putting in 12-hour days when helping to transition new groups of financial consultants to the firm. Being available at a moment’s notice to help with projects, and with her ease of communicating, knowledge of the systems and professional appearance, she is at ease and comfortable regardless of the situation. Doris’s calm and helpful demeanor helps reduce the stress levels of those working with her amidst the storm of paperwork, and is the go-to person for questions. If she doesn’t have the answer she will find out, always within an amount of time that exceeds expectations. Under her leadership and guidance, Doris makes the transition process efficient and successful.

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